About AndroidGateway

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Who is AndroidGateway?

AndroidGateway.com is found and aimed to help Android Application developers to promote, distribute and protect their precious effort putting in developing Android Applications.

AndroidGateway.com is an Android applications authorization and authentication service provider for Android application markets and stores such as AndAppOnline.com and others.


AndroidGateway.com is geared toward to help Android application developers who are looking for a simple and uniform authorization and authentication solution to protect their applications. 

Android Gateway authorization and authentication service is a uniform network-based service that lets an Android application running on an Android-powered device querys a trusted licensing server, to determine whether the application is licensed to the current device user. After receiving the server response, the application can then allows or disallows further use of the application as needed. In the service, the role of Android Gateway authorization and authentication service is to provide the authorization and authentication status for the current user; the application itself is responsible for querying the service and conditionally granting access to the application.


AndroidGateway.com authorization and authentication service is targeting to Android Developers who want to develop applications used on Android-powered mobile devices and get compensated. By using Android Gateway authorization and authentication service, developers can apply a straightforward and flexible licensing approach, prior to deploy to various marketplaces — each application can enforce licensing in a uniform and efficient way most appropriate for it. For example, the same application deployed to different marketplaces can check the licensing status against Android Gateway and then apply customized constraints that allow the user to run it unlicensed for a specific number of times, or for a specific validity period.

The Android Gateway authorization and authentication service is a secure means of controlling access to your applications. When an application first launched after it was purchased from marketplaces, such as AndAppOnline.com, it checks the licensing status. The Android Gateway will query the marketplace which the application has been purchased from, signs the licensing status response using an API key that is uniquely associated with the registered Android Gateway developer account. The application stores the API key in the compiled .apk file and uses it to verify the licensing status response.

Mission Critical

With the constantly growing amount of visitors and contributors of the project, we set our mission to provide Android Application Developers with the best centralized Authorization and Authentication Gateway Service in the most convenient fashion.

We Are Here

AndroidGateway.com is registered in Toronto, Canada that focuses on Android-based distribution and development. We always welcome feedback from users, developers, and organizations porting Android, if you have any ideas, please don't hesitate to contact us.