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How does it work

To help Android Application developers add licensing protection to their application, Android Gateway provides open source library (Auth Library) that developers can include in their application project or they can implement by themselves according to the specification. The Auth Library handles all of the authorization and authentication-related communication with the Android Gateway and her partnership marketplaces. With Auth Library integrated, the application can determine its licensing status for current device by simply calling a validation checker method and verifying the received response.

To help to protect the privilege of developers' paid application, it is strongly recommended that developers use obfuscator programs available for Android applications such as ProGuard, to obfuscate their application code. Obfuscating their code helps to make it more difficult to decompile the application's byte code, modify it — such as by removing the license check — and then recompile and redistribute it.

For technical detail information such as how to authorize and authenticate through, please refer to the Technical Documents.

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