Register As Developer

Created: 5 years ago , Edited: 4 years ago

After register as Developer which is absolutely for free, you can enjoy authorization and authentication service.

Using the same infrastructure stack, removing the need for developers to manually recreate an applications stack for each release to each marketplace.

Android Gateway Authorization and Authentication Service lets you manage access to applications that users have downloaded from various Android application marketplaces. To use Android Gateway Authorization and Authentication Service in an application, you need to have a developer account on Android Gateway, and you can publish the application on different Android Marketplaces delivering to users.

Developers need to register for one account and agree to the Android Gateway terms of service. Once you are registered, you can obtain your developer API key and start to debugging and testing your authorization and authentication implementation. For more information about publishing on different Android Marketplaces, please refer to each marketplace instructions.

If you have your developer API ready, after you publish your paid applications to different marketplaces, for instance,, write down your account information and product listing information, go back to Android Gateway, create your application and marketplace association with the information you recorded just now. 

Once your developer account is set up, use the account to: